Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream | 50 SPF | Review

Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream | 50 SPF | Review

A 50 SPF capacity sunscreen review in the middle of winters –  well why not? 


I know it will make more sense for me to post this during summer as sunscreens (especially the ones with 50SPF ammo) are a summer thing. But hear me out. Don’t we all just love getting that extra sun during winters? Don’t we all forget to carry a hat or sunglasses while sipping a hot cup of “aadrak vali chai”sitting out on our sunny balconies and gardens? YES WE DO… So aren’t we still getting affected by the UAV/UVB rays? – YES WE ARE!!
I don’t know about you guys, buy I always forget/ignore incorporating a sunscreen in my “winter skincare routine”. Because in my mind Winter Season = GTFO Sunscreen!
But as I am getting older I have realised the importance of applying sunscreen irrespective of the season. It is important to take care of your skin and a good sunscreen is exactly what you need for it.
I have been using this sunscreen for about a year now and this is my 3-4th tube. I love the consistency, texture and most importantly the lasting power on this one is amazing.


Sunflower oil and Jeju green tea extract protect your skin against UV rays. 
∙ A long-lasting, water-proofing UV protection effect prevents your skin from getting greasy with sweat and sebum during your outdoor activities [highly water-resistant]. 
∙ 3 functions in one product [Anti-aging & Whitening & UV Protection] 
∙ 5-Free system : Free of animal ingredients, mineral oils, artificial coloring, tar dye and talc.
[Certified Functions] UV Protection, Anti-Aging, Whitening (2016005643) 
At the last stage of your skincare routine, evenly apply onto easily exposed areas of face.
Sunflower oil in Innisfree sunblock keeps your skin healthy and safe from UV rays.


One gripe that I may mention if you really twist my arm is the is does leave a “white cast” but only for the first few minutes. The “whitening” claim might be the reason for it. But its more like using a CC cream with sheer coverage.  But really – if you compare this to all the benefits, I’m only being nit-picky here.


Overall, I believe this might be one of the top 3 sunscreens I have ever used and the is saying a lot!
I will certainly be repurchasing it.


Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐