Denim Day | Forever 21 Embroidered Denim Jacket | OOTD

This weekend was a much welcomed lazy one. The whole of Saturday we (my hubby, my dog and I) spent lounging and watching our favourite movies.
Today we attended an Air Force event in the afternoon, returning from which we lazed around a bit more in the evening. I finally saw “Bajirao Mastani” which was coming on TV – didn’t like it. In between my very lazy evening and the event I did manage to make my hubby capture a few clicks of mine for my first official OOTD for the blog.
This was a bit of whirlwind of a photoshoot, minus an appropriate DSLR, apologies for that. The pics were taken on his iPhone so they aren’t really HD (he has a 6S), but will do 😜.
The day was sunny and the temperature was a lovely 20°C during these extreme winters, so I didn’t really feel the need to wear a chunky sweater, this jacket was enough. I totally appreciate the fact that apart from being decently warm it also has this super cool embroidary on the back that has a crouching tiger on it with KOREA written on top – vey Gucci-esq if you ask me! 😜
I have mentioned the links for what I wore right under the first pic, so do check out if interested!