Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Waters | Review

Oh Happy Day!
Garnier has finally launched their amazing micellar water in India. Further good news, it has been launched along with the new Bi-Phase solution for waterproof makeup. πŸ‘πŸ‘
I myself have been using this since past few years and I love it. Now this launch makes me happy as I no longer have to order it from UK based websites and wait for 15-20 days for its arrival.
Now clearly the million dollar arises. Is it any good compared to its French predecessor and counterpart –Bioderma. Clearly Garnier has the design of the bottle a bit the nose with the clear bottom and a pink stopper. But if it really comes down to it, this one is as effective, as gentle and as quick to work with as Bioderma but for a fraction of the cost.
I would any day pick and recommend this one over Bioderma for the price, quantity and quality are all equal or better.
Now on to the Bi-Phase solution. It does take off waterproof makeup faster than the plain micellar one. You end up rubbing your lashes less, therefore you don’t end up loosing one/two precious ones in return. 
If you have patience, the plain micellar one will take off the waterproof makeup as well. But go ahead and get the bi-phased one as obviously the oil will help break the makeup faster, especially if you hate taking off waterproof makeup because it takes an eternity to do so.
Bothe bottles come in a 400ml packs and cost under INR400, which is incredible compared to the very expensive Bioderma, Vichy etc.