Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick | The Best Liquid Lipstick Yet?

Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick | The Best Liquid Lipstick Yet?

Chambor presents long-lasting, transfer proof liquid lipsticks with smooth sensorial feel and creamy matte finish. The Chambor extreme wear transfer proof liquid lipsticks come with extreme coverage and provide deep, intense colour in just one stroke. Flaunt these stunning shade liquid lipsticks which are high on pigment and comfortable on lips for long hours.”
Long-lasting, Transfer proof liquid lipstick.

Deep intense colour shades available.

Creamy matte finish.

Extreme coverage lipsticks.

The Chamber Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipsticks are exactly what their very lengthy name suggests. They are transferproof, they are long wearing, they are extremely pigmented and they are absolutely wonderful.
There aren’t many brands that provide a proper and true “liquid lipstick” in India. L’Oreal and Maybelline came up with their whipped liquid matte formulations, but they never really dry down to a pure matte lip. There are the ones available at Sephora and M.A.C but they come with a high price tag.
So basically in drugstore, and I am here excluding the Revlon matts which I love but are expensive, these are the only real liquid lipsticks available. 
I love the colour range. It is very similar to the current trend of mauves and muted colours. A lot of shades are an easy dupes for the Kylie Jenner LipKits and HUDABeauty liquid lipsticks.
 The Formula is just brilliant. They dry down to an absolute matte and then they do not budge. They are not terribly drying like ColourPop and some other liquid Lipsticks. In my opinion, their formula is even better than M.A.C Liquid Lipstick and many others higher end lipsticks available in terms of price, durability and formulation. If I really have to compare its formula to another brand, I would to the Sephora Liquid Lipsticks.

Okay, now please ignore the makeup-free face 😊😊

Clockwise from top left – 402, 483, 401 & 484

PS – I always dab the lipstick with my fingers to tone it down – this I do with every lipstick. Therefore, the hand swatch is more opaque and full impact than lip swatch.

The four colours that I bought are pretty similar to the following Kylie Lip Kits…

484 Truffle – between Kylie Jenner’s Dolce K and True Brown
483 Rose Boudoir – Kylie Jenner’s Candy K
402 Effortless Pink – Kylie Jenner’s Koko K
401 Rosemantic – Kylie Jenner’s Poise K

**The above mentioned colours are the almost dupes (80%-95% match) and not exact colours.

They come in 18 fabulous shades covering all colour needs that you have – from pinky nudes for bright fuchsia to stunning reds and breathtaking deep plums. I am slowly truing to acquire ALL the shades…I think I need them in my life!