Fossil Memoir Novella Bag | Favourite Thing of Spring | Fashion & Lifestyle

When you become irregular with you blog posts, you also kind of acquire a persistent and annoying “blogger’s block”. Basically what I am trying to say is that  I have been trying to come up with a blog post that inspires me to write something other that the generically boring and quite redundant product review.

So today I am here with a new series – sort of – where I will be hopefully posting everyday an itsy-bitsy favourite thing of mine. Something that I am genuinely using it everyday and enjoying every bit of it. 
Keeping in those lanes, here is something that I have been enjoying using. So, my husband picked up this gorgeous cobalt blue Fossil Memoir Novella Bag during one of his foreign tours. Ever since I have got it, I have been head over heels in love with it.
It is perfectly sized, not to small so fits enough of my stuff, including my chunky LIPSY wallet. All along with my ginormous cellphone, my sunglasses, my eyeglasses (both with case) and other paraphernalia.
The colour cobalt blue is very Spring/Summer appropriate. Infact, it is much easier to wear at night in comparison with my other pastel or bright coloured bags.
This particular bag is not available on Indian online stores (as far as I could see). But here are some similar Fossil bags that might interest you 😊😊😉. Linked below: