Accessories for Your Accessories | New Favourite Phone Case, Marble Pattern Laptop Case & A Furry Pom Pom | Skinny Dip London & GMYLE

“Accessorising your phone, laptop or any other tech devices that you own might not be your cup of tea. But as you friendly neighbourhood beauty and lifestyle blogger, it is my utmost duty to tell you that why you definitely should.”

Apart from using the usual jewellery, bags, shoes and hats you can always amp up the swagger with on trend tech accessories. 
Let’s be honest, you hold your phone in your hand more than you hold your favourite handbag. Keeping that in mind, it only makes sense that we divert our fashion sense a little bit towards our choice mobile cases/laptop skin and now headphone skins as well. 
I myself am a huge fan of mobile cases and have a pretty neat collection of them. I might match them with my outfit, or use a bold coloured case to add a pop of colour to a rather plain dress or to add a dash bling. It is almost like holding a tiny yet a very swanky clutch.
I understand laptops  = work and work = seriousness. But there is no harm in showing off your unique sense of style by adding a little pizzazz to it’s looks with glamorous skins/sleeves/shell cases or covers. You may either stick to current trends or be your own trendsetter.
Few days back I made two separate purchases from Skinny Dip and GMYLE, two places where I love getting my techie stuff from. So, here is how I like to add a little personality to my phone, laptop and bags etc!


Are you as obsessed as I am for accessorising you phones?