Is Your Skin Ready for Summer | Guest Post by Emma Lawson

Every season brings its own challenges, and now, with summer just around the corner, it is time to prep your body properly and welcome the sun and warm weather the way they deserve. Most people cannot wait to enjoy the sunny warm days, and what better way to use all the benefits of new season than feeling comfortable in your own skin?

Get rid of any unwanted hairs// 
Summer means skirts, shorts and short sleeves and therefore it is important to remove any hairs that might be an obstacle when wearing these clothes. You can shave or wax yourself but keep in mind to moisturize your body afterwards, or you can go to beauty salons and have this done for you. It is only important to remember not to do this immediately before revealing your skin under the sun because it can damage the sensitive, freshly treated skin. 

Start moisturising now//
Even though it is still spring and you are probably still wearing pants, it is especially recommended to hydrate the skin during these times, cause most people get too comfortable with wearing jeans and thick layers that hide the skin and neglect the basic moisturizing routine. In order to feel ready and confident to show more of your skin when the summer comes knocking, you need to rediscover your habit to apply lotions and creams regularly as soon as possible. 
Get a new sunblock// 
With warmer weather coming up, it is time to buy a completely new sunscreen. During winter it was important to protect the face but when other parts of body are exposed to sun rays, something stronger is necessary in order to prevent damage. Do not think about using your sunscreen from last year – they have expiration date, too! 
Get Rid of the Annoying Acne// 
With summer just around the corner, you probably want to get rid of the heavy makeup and keep your skin breathing in the hot humid weather. If you have acne, this might be a problem and can leave you feeling insecure. Try washing your face with a good solid acne soap, do scrubs on weekly basis, and if all else fails you can always consult the professionals and use a high performance acne treatment.
Time for Mani/Pedi// 
You probably like to have neat nails throughout the year but when sunlight hit the hands, cuticles and other possible problems left from cold weather might become more apparent than before and a manicure would be in order. Even more important than a manicure, a pedicure is essential when thinking about turning to open-toe shoes and sandals when it comes to footwear, especially after cold and dry winter weather. 
Prepare your lips// 
Summer is the time of bright colours and ladies enjoy rocking some vibrant fruity shades on their lips when the spring mood takes over. For any lipstick to look good it is important to take care of the lips, so start with regular lip treatments and scrubs and do not forget to apply special moisturizers at night that would leave your lips soft and ready for bold and colorful smiles.
Is your health OK?
In order to fully enjoy the pleasures of summer, you have to think about your health. Prevent any possible allergies that could stop you from having fun and boost your immune system with right food, enough exercise and vitamin supplements, that would keep you energized and cold-free for incoming days of sun, warmth and green.

Remember, changes cannot happen overnight. Therefore, do not leave your skin preparations for when the summer is already here. Whatever you need to do start doing it now, because you deserve to live life to the fullest without worries about your skin condition, especially when it seems that nature is starting a new life itself all over again.