Dorco Let’s Shave SOFT TOUCH 6 Women Body Razor | Review

If you haven’t tried our women body razor yet, you just haven’t experienced smooth body! We know you love your body. Our Women body razor offers innovative rounded dual 3 blades on a multi-flex pivoting head to hug contour of your body.”

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  • World’s first 6 blade “Body Razor” for women.
  • Innovative round head with dual triple blades, giving a close shave
  • The moisturising band protects the skin from cuts, contains Aleo-Vera , Lavender and Vit E
  • The brush like fingers give a massage to the body while picking up hair proving a closer shave
  • Anti-Slip rubber handle gives perfect control even under shower/bath.
  • Designed to give a perfect shave to the under-arms, bikini line, arms and off course legs.
  • Direct sale via online website, there fore eliminating the middleman.
I am actually in love with this razor. It does give a close shave. I do not have to go through an area twice! I love how it feels in my hands, a perfect grip and a sturdy handling. The quality of the blades  and the Razor handle is high and you can see for yourself. I have been using this for a while now and have basically given up on waxing/epilator and my previous razor.
Rating – 9/10
Price – INR 759 for 4 cartridges with Free razor handle.

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