The Ultimate Bag Guide Spring/Summer 2016 | Guest Post by Amy Mia Goldsmith

Let’s face it – a statement bag is one of the essential parts of any outfit. In the end, whatever you wear, the bag is going to define your look. So, keeping this in mind, it is a good idea to carefully choose your accessories. This year, there is a lot going on in the bag department. If you are wondering how to gear up for the upcoming seasons, it is smart to keep on reading. Here you can find the ultimate guide for trendy bags for spring and summer of the following year.

Item Shaped Handbags//

The first thing you should know is that this season is designed to attract some looks. It is all about extravagance, flashy details and not so ordinary styles. If you do not like being in the center of attention, perhaps this will not appeal to you that much. The item shaped bags are exactly as they sound – bags shaped like television sets, cakes, buckets, laundry detergents, cameras etc. The motto here is definitely –the stranger the better. So do you think you are up for this kind of challenge?

Fancy Fringed And Tasseled Bags//

For the last couple of seasons, fringes have rocked the fashion world, but not only on bags but on shoes, shirts and other garments as well. The upcoming spring and summer are continuing this trend withfancy tasseled bags permeated with unusual colors, retro styles and futuristic designs. This is also a great look for those vintage boho and hippy style and similar casual outfits. But do not be fooled, fringes can also be worn quite elegantly as well, if only paired accordingly.

Fun Fanny Packs//

A true blast to the past! If you have thought that the era of fanny packs is long gone, you have never been so wrong. 2016 is taking the traditional fanny pack and transforming it in a completely fun, retro and funky way. The best thing about these bags? Not only are they useful and practical but they can be worn with almost any outfit. They come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes from furs and fringes up to triangle and round packs suitable for any style whatsoever.

Square Bags//

Modern, sleek and elegant – those are the words that describe the structured square bags. Perhaps one of the most popular designs for the upcoming seasons, as it is sophisticated, appealing and most importantly – quite practical as well. Wearing this bag you will never have to worry about having no more space to hold all your things at once. From boxy clutches to alligator skin, this structured bag is definitely one of the top pieces this year. Choose a bold color or an animal print and you will surely draw some attention to yourself.

Half Moon Bags//

Last but certainly not least, the trend that is slowly going to take over the heart of every fashion enthusiast out there is the half moon bags. The IT bag for the upcoming seasons is quite spacious, gives out the 70s retro vibe and is ultimately stylish. Of course, if you wish to have the most beautiful and trendy bag then it is a good idea to opt for leather goods that will simply scream unique.
If you had any doubts about the fashion trends of the following year, hopefully this guide helped you get a proper insight in what this spring and summer are all about. So if you still have not equipped yourself with your statement bag, perhaps it is high time to start searching for your match, as spring is just about here.

About the Author//

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a lifestyle blogger and an Aussie expat living in the UK. Check out Beausmith blog, her lifestyle blog where she blogs about many things including beauty and fashion!