When I Had Red Hair For A Month | Feat. Manic Panic | A Berry Coloured Spring

2016. The year I went Red. Last month I decided to do something drastic with my hair. Drastic with my hair generally pertains to hair colours. I did not want to play it safe. No blonde highlights or global dark blondes. I guess I was just bored.
So, while surfing for hair colours online I came across a brand Manic Panic in Amazon.in. For starters, I was pretty clueless about this brand. It was basically a leap of faith and some online reviews that I decided on the colour Rock ‘n’ Roll Red Semi Permanent (PS – You should check out the Pinterest page of Manic Panic…pretty dope!)
Using Manic panic is pretty easy. It comes in a small jar with 110 ml of product in it, Just enough for applying globally on shoulder length hair. You’ll need more than one for longer hair. All you need to do is apply is straight out of box, no mixing required. It is suggested for dark haired ones to bleach their hair before using this for maximum effect. I did not bleach my hair as they were a lighter shade of brown at the time plus I did not want the full effect, that would have looked crazy on me.The end result was achieved in an hour. It took a hell of a hair wash to get the water running clear while removing it, so patience is the key. I loved how my hair looked and felt. They did not feel dry as I had expected them to be.
Now, it is a semi-permanent colour, therefore it comes off with every wash. If you want it to stay for longer then dry shampoos and once//twice a week hair washes are your friend.

One adjustment I had to do with my new red hair was that I had to tweak my wardrobe style and choice of lip colours. I mostly stuck to basics – black, white and grey and in colours ony red/berry clothes. I did not touch any of my pink lip colours, they just didn’t go well with the red mane, or atleast I thought so. So I had a berry coloured spring with me wearing shades like – Burberry Bright Poppy, NYX Soft Matte Lip Creame Copenhagen etc.
After a month of flaunting it, I had to remove the colour for it had started to fade. I used Manic Panic’s Amplified Hair Bleach to do so, hence the pastle pink and eventual blonde hair pics on Instagram and Facebook.
I have to say my hair feel a little drier, but they are not seriously damaged like I was dreading. So, glad about that. I am now closer to my natural hair colour after colouring it with No.7 sahde from L’Oreal Majirel Pro Hair colour – Dark Blonde, which is more like a light brown shade.
Just giving my hair some time to recuperate from my atrocities. I’ll soon be changing them again!