One For The Boys | How To Make Your Better Half Start Using Skincare?

Why do boys run away from the idea of taking care of their face? I have to say, I have tried. No really, I have tried really really hard. Gaurav is about as comfortable using skin care or seeming concerned about looking good as he is with holding my handbag while I shop i.e MAJOR AVERSION!

Anyway, after much persistence and basically replacing his few regulars (namely the Dettol Bathing Soap and Head and Shoulders Shampoo) and adding a few stuff, I kind of have been able to attract his indulgence with few better products.

He has always been fond of perfumes, also he does have a great taste nose for it. His go to ETDs these days is from The Body Shop Kistna Range which is a refreshing citrus based scent with a hint of vanilla and cedar wood. For more formal occasions his most sprayed has been Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony No.4 which is again a citrusy smelling perfume with a heavier punch of woods.

The lack of appreciation that he had for face washes has been slightly reduced I suppose, ever since I have made him use the Boscia Detoxifying Skin Cleanser. Although he still finds face washes useless as “there is a damn soap to wash your face”, he definitely does not mind any thing that comes out from a black bottle instead of pink. 

I have happily replaced the very stripping Head and Shoulders shampoo with Dove, still the dandruff version of it, but hopefully much milder. I do not understand the fixation boys have with dandruff shampoo. You only have to use it IF you actually have dandruff on your head. Not ALL the time!
But off course, like for everything else, hubby dearest has a comeback for this as well. ” Well, there us NO dandruff because I use Head and Shoulders everytime I wash my head, I don’t have to wait for it to happen, now do I?” Well, what can I possibly say to that.

One this he was happy to use was the Body Shop’s Arber Hair and Body Wash. He does prefer shower gels over Dettol soaps now, which makes me a very happy girl.

I have not been able to do much in the facial skincare department much, but he has slowly but steadily accepted the pros of using a sunscreen. His favourite sunscreen so far, by his own admission is the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL with SPF 50, which also happens to be one of my favourites. It is a very fluid very light consistency that you can apply over of just as your moisturiser.

Another thing that he loves is the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick  for his chapped lips and dry knuckles etc. He likes the fact that is coms in a chubby stick form which make it easier to apply and also make multitude of uses of it that using it plainly as a lip balm.

These are the only things that I have been able to make my very stubborn husband use. I really would like to know if your better halfs like taking care of themselves, and if not, do you apply some methods to make them? I might need a little help here girls!