Glam’s Secret Nail Paint Remover | Why You NEED This In Your Life?

I am quiet sure I have never ever blogged about a nail paint remover. They are what they are and they do the one basic job they are supposed to. Nothing special to write about…eh?
But on this one I am making the exception, you really need to know about this and need to have this in your life. This is especially for those who are unfaithful to their nail paints on a daily basis.

The Glam’s Secret Nail Paint Remover is like any other Acetone free paint remover. But what makes it a mush have is its ergonomics. The bottle is a plastic with a “professional” non spilling pump. You just have to put your cotton pad on it and well..pump! This manner of extraction basically results in no spillage and also highly reduces the chances of ruining your freshly applied nail paint.

I fell upon this product at a local store and I am more that happy with its results and ease of use. I looked it up and found it on Flipkart for a cheaper price of INR 199 ( I paid INR 275).

Do check it out girls, cool product I say!