Say Hello To NYX …Again

I remember about 3-4 years ago when few online websites in India stocked up NYX cosmetics. I remember girls falling in love with the lip colours, the eyeshadow palettes, the powders, the blushes…ahh good times! But now, you will be able to find a unicorn before you find a indigenous website with a solid stock load of it and  selling it brand at its MRP.
But I am super glad to say that NYX has bee stocked up in one of my favourite online store with added bonus…it is cheaper than it was in India!!

FeelUnique recently stocked up on NYX and now you can buy your favourite makeup products from the brand. My first purchase is the famous NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 4 shades – Morocco ( a bright reddish orange), Amsterdam ( a true red, blue based), Copenhagen ( a deep berry/plum with red undertones) and Translavania ( a darker version of Copenhagen with more black pigments).

Each Lip Cream is worth £5.50 i.e around INR560. They used to be for INR650 when they were released in India. There are 21 shades available, I am already eying Cannes and Prague.
FeelUnique is a UK based website. It ships internationally and shipping above £10 is free.