Eyebrow Perfect Range by Deborah Milano | Makeup

I experiment a lot with my brows. Because of my overly lazy deposition and an absolute refusal to sit for 2 hours in a parlour/saloon, I pluck them my self. Hence, they (brows) sometimes look like two over plucked caterpillars.
The Eyebrow Perfect range of Deborah Milano is one of a kind item(s) available in Indian drugstore makeup market. The range comes with 4 products (pictured above are 3 of them), and eyebrow gel, a precision eyebrow pencil, and eyebrow marker and a duo eyebrow shaper/highlighter. Now lets review 3 of them for you!
Deborah Milano Brow Perfect Eyebrow Gel// The brow gel comes in a amber plastic tube. The brush is double ended with one side with short denser brushes and the other with slimmer and sparsely designed tall brush-sticks. The gel itself is thick in consistency and does not make the brow hair crisp on application. Although, it does set the brows well enough, its hold does not last for too long.

Deborah Milano Eyebrow Perfect Precision Brow Pencil// This is clearly my favourite product of the lot and arguably the favourite brow-pencil till date. Infact, it is very similar to Anastasia Brow Wiz, colour payoff, precision, consistency, texture. The only thing it lacks is a brush spool and the other end and the hefty price tag. I love this product! Highly recommended!

Deborah Milano Eyebrow Perfect Eyebrow Marker// My least preferred item of the bunch. It just doesn’t do it for me. It looses its intensity within a day or two of use and drys up rather quickly. Not recommended.

Of the above 3 I am totally in love with the Precision brow pencil. It has a thin nib, very similar to the  Anastasia Brow Wiz, Maybelline Fashion Brow and NYX Micro Brow Pencil.
Comparing it to its closest rival in Indian Market – the Maybelline Fashion Brow, I consider this a clear winner. This had better texture and staying power and is adequately pigmented. I find the Maybelline Fashion Brow to be tad too dry and hard to use and also poorly pigmented.

So, what is your favourite brow product?