The Chicest Desktop Decor Ideas From Pinterest | Lifestyle

The hardest thing that you face whilst working from home is boredom and opportunities of procrastination. What I have realised is having a work station of your choice and decor, helps up the motivation level. I have been slowly and steadily creating my “dream workspace”, and I have certainly been loving it. I just wanted to share a few Pinterest photographs that I used for my ideas.

The common thread is keeping your workspace clean yet vibrant and fun. When you can achieve a happy-workspace goal you will surely enjoy spending hours sitting there working.

Few items that I have been eyeing are –

  • Brass/Gold Lamp
  • Gold Accessories
  • Vision Board
  • Desk Accessories
  • A base colour theme
  • Plates/Boxes for organising 
  • Flowers/Plants to add colour and vibrance
  • Motivational posters
  • Things to add a bit of personal touch to your work station, e.g. – family pictures etc

You can check out Pinterest to get ideas for your work space decor. Try using the keyword “desk decor” or “workspace Decor”. If you are a Pinterest freak like me, then you will enjoy it too!

PS – All the above images have been taken from Pinterest. I own NONE of them.