Precision Powdering | How Not to Cake Up Your Makeup

The million dollar question – How not to cake up your makeup? Especially, when touching up! 
The worst makeup mistakes happen usually when you are touching up your face. What else happens while powdering you face? – Well you loose the “glow” provided by your natural oils.
The last thing you  want to do to your face is powder the entirety of it. Yes, I know it sets your base, but too much of it will cause cake-up.
The trick is “precision powdering” i.e powdering only the required areas with a somewhat “precision” brush. My favourite brush to use for this purpose is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. This brush is of the perfect size and shape to do controlled dusting of powder on specific areas like – under your eyes, bridge of nose, forehead, chin, well basically the T-Zone and/or areas where you get oilier faster or where you don’t want shine.
Another point to remember is finding a powder that actually works. A finely milled powder that nicely helps set the makeup, especially the liquid foundation you are wearing, without clumping up in contact with oil or the foundation itself.
A simple trick to help this problem is to wait a few minutes before powdering your skin. You can speed up the wait by fanning your face with air to help the liquid foundation dry up quicker. 

Following this method has really helped me avoid the dreaded cake-face, I hope these tips will help you girls achieve a flawless look and also make touching up less scary!