The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Body Balm | How different Is It From Their Body Butters

Let’s start with the good stuff. This “body balm” smells incredible, especially to those who love fresh floral scents. This body balm contains the essential oils of two of my favourite “white florals” Gardenia and Frangipani with a exotic touch of coconut. Apparently, the balm is inspired by the Polynesian Spa Rituals.
Now I am not going to talk about the packaging as I think it is rudimentary. But I will say that I prefer  it over the body butter jars as despite being the same quantity, this is ever so slightly sleeker and less chunkier.
It does great job in providing moisture and long lasting hydration, longer than the body butters I reckon. The texture is slightly more whipped, but when you apply it feel more “oily” which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion as it gets absorbed very well. Another way it tops over the body butters is that the smell lasts longer, especially if you use it immediately after bath.

Now the bad, well only one thing  – the price. It costs INR1695 as compared to INR1095 of the body butters. Six hundred bucks more for the same quantity as almost the same product, that might pinch some.

I love this body balm. I love its gorgeous smell and the fact that it hydrates my skin terrifically and the smell it exudes sustains.
Off course I would suggest buying it off sales because otherwise if you spend a little more money(exactly 600 bucks more)  you may just fetch yourself a luxurious Laura Mercier Body Butter (they cost around $35 – INR2300), my friend totally agrees on this! 😛

PS – If you have it, pair it with Estee Lauder’s Pleasures, i tell you ladies, the combination is the bomb-dot-com.