Natio Restore Antioxidant Face Serum | Review

“Luxuriously lightweight, this silky concentrate infuses skin with a firming blend of vitamin-rich plant oils and essences.”

Benefits – Helps support skin renewal and proactively defend against skin-ageing free radicals.

Plant Extracts – With Hyaluronate Calendula, Jojoba and Aloe to firm, moisturise and maintain skin’s hydration. Antioxidant-rich Rosehip and Turmeric to protect against free radicals.

How To – Gently apply in the morning and evening under your day and night cream.


Monsoon is the time when my skin is utterly confused –  it never seems to decide which category to sit in – Oily? Dry?Combination? Although one thing it is sure about is that it is always dehydrated.
So one one thing that I always keep by my side is a hydrating cream or serum.
This year Natio was introduced in India. It is an Australian Skincare+Makeup brand that delves with all natural products. I decided to try something from their skincare line. While checking out in their store, my eyes caught fancy of this particular serum simply because of the all natural and brilliant ingredient list. Yes, it is targeted towards mature skin, but I liked that it had “antioxidant” written on it and “mature” basically means this product will have super hydrating ingredients. 
I have been using this product for a month now and I am very smugly ready to announce that this serum has effortlessly re-balanced, re-hydrated and restored my skin to a very happy state.
I kid you not when I say that I saw results from the second day itself. Skin immediately felt supple and hydrated. After almost a month of regular usage my skin is very balanced. It is not freaking out as it does every monsoon. I don’t see dry patches on my face anymore. If and when I wear any makeup, it sits well on my face. The best part, I swear I feel that my fine lines that have been on my face since I was in my early 20’s (dry dehydrated skin problems), have plumped out and disappeared! 
Key Ingredients – Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Sesame Oil, Turmeric Root Extract, Carrot Seed Oil, Lavender Flower Oil, Sweet Orange Peel Oil.
No Parabens
If you check out thet Natio website you will see that the above mentioned ingredients are high ranker in the ingredient list, which in itself is a rarity.
Price – INR 1685
Size – 50ml
Buy it at – (discounts available – not an affiliate link)

Rating – 9/10 brownie points for a very intelligent packaging (pipette bottle and opaque bottle to protect from air and sunlight) 
I am already planning to restock it. Yes, it is going to be a staple skincare for me from now on!