Lakme 9to5 Insta Light Instant Glow Cream | Quick Review

I had no clue what this cream was about when I bought it. All that I could guess was that being from 9to5 range, it must be a makeup product. My guess was a highlighter or a primer. It is none of those.

Lets be honest, this cream is basically a very mattefying whitening cream or more infamously known in India as “the fairness cream”. So as it is what it is, I am not going to delve into much details about this one as now I have given it away to my sweet help (my maid, I don’t like using the word maid). She loves mattifying creams and lotions.

Anyway, here is my “first and only impression” post about this product.

Packaging – 9/10 – for it is worth a mere INR 80, it is packed pretty well.
Texture – 8/10 – soft whipped cream like
Application – 1/10 – I hate any cream that is this mattifying. It really sucks the hydration out of your skin. Leaves a major bluish-white cast on skin. If you sweat, it will streak off your face. Bad.
Formula/ Ingredients – 5/10 – thumbs up for Niacinamide, this stuff is great for dark spot reduction. It also has Allantoin which helps with dry and itchy skin, but that will be hardly effective given the matte-ness of the cream
 Fragrance – high amount – this cream is highly fragranced. This is simply bad news for skin. Any product that has fragrance in it has high possibility of reacting to skin and causing allergic reactions/breakout/redness. I never understand the requirement of perfume in skincare.

Rating – 3/10
Repurchase – ha! I am not even using the one I got. So, Nope!

Any cream with fragrance is a big NO to me, and should be the same to you. The chemicals or plant oils used to make any skincare item smell good are terribly bad for the health of skin.
Please try and use more fragrance free products – especially on your face.