Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in HD Marigold | New Release

Lets start on a positive note – this lipstick has an incredible formula and I am in love with how it wears on my lips. It is perfectly creamy without being heavy and pretty long wearing despite being – like I said – creamy.
To me, it kind of lies between Revlon’s very own Lip Butters and Clinique’s Color Pop Lipstick (might very well be a dupe for Poppy Pop).
The formula is great. Feels very hydrating and comfortable on lips. The best part being the lightness in its application. 
Now, the bad. First off, the price – this lipstick is priced at INR 1100 – a Revlon Lipstick for 1100 bucks! I’ll give you some time to digest that……
When I saw it on the Revlon’s “new” display shelf, I immediately picked it up after swatching a few colours. Didn’t even bother to ask the price. Tell you the truth, I never expected it to be more that 700. Actually 650 was on my mind, as in the US they are priced at almost $10 i.e INR 630-ish.
Secondly, the packaging. It is terrible. The lipstick head never fully goes inside the case, and a part of the tip is always peaking out,  making it so irritatingly hard to close the bullet without fearing its decapitation. 
Another poor packaging point – the quality of the plastic is bad. The very reason I never expected it to be more that INR 650 ( actually, now I think the price shouldn’t be more than those L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks)

If you really want to try this lipstick out, then go ahead. But I would suggest you spend 500 bucks more and get yourself a Clinique’s Color Pop Lipstick, they are amazing and worth the price in every way.
In my opinion, the price and the packaging is such a vibe-kill in case of these otherwise lovely lipsticks

Also, a drugstore lipstick should never cross the three digit number. 

Imagine I was so pissed on L’Oreal for their Collection Reds Matte Lipstick, despite the fact they are of amazing quality and come in great packaging. 

What were you thinking pricing department of  Revlon India!!