Dolce By Dolce & Gabbana EDP | Spring/Summer Perfume

How would I explain this perfume in words? 

It is bright & sunny, it reminds me of lush meadows in rain, it is dreamy,  a fresh whiff of air, very girly, clean, slightly flirty I might add – and to sum it all up – an avant-garde and delightful summer scent.

Not to mention that apart from the beautiful scent, the perfume comes packed in this exquisite flacon. A very Sicilian Vintage-y look. The Bottle is a thick and heavy clear glass with a grosgrain back bow around its neck. The stopper is a “marzipan architecture”inspired flower, made of very high quality material. The flacon is very classy and might very well be the most attractive buying point of this perfume.

The Perfume
At first sniff you know the perfume is a white floral. But it is not at all heavy. It is light and fresh. Not particularly long-lasting though.
The notes include white amaryllis, narcissus and white water lily with cashmere and musk as the base.

Similar Perfumes/Dupes
In my opinion, this perfume is very similar to the Marc Jacobs Daisy range. But the one that smells closest this one is Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme.

So what do you like more in your perfumes – the smell or the bottle?