Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible | Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray

This Oscar Blandi item is probably the most hyped up Dry Shampoo that I have ever purchased. At INR 1800, it is also the costliest dry shampoo I have ever bought.
The reason was, well, the intensive promotion Sephora does for it. Also, the never ending raves and raves buy some of YouTubers that I like watching. Also. the way it was regarded as a dupe for the uber expensive Oribe Texturising Spray by many a “gleam-y” YouTubers.

So is it worth the hype and the price? NO and NO.

It is without doubt one of the most useless things that I have ever wasted my money on. I wish I had bought a bloody MAC lipstick than wasting my money on this.
Yes, it leaves no residue. There is another thing it does’t leave, RESULTS!Neither does it add any volume to my hair, nor does it work as a dry shampoo. It just does not deliver.

To add a cherry to the utter mess this cake Dry Shampoo, the smell, it is despicable! Ah! like chemicals gone bad.I obviously will never purchase it again, nor will I recommend it to anyone.

Rating – 1/10 (Bravo Oscar Blandi DS! You get a 1 for leaving no residue)

Okay, a disclaimer of sorts. I am moving houses so I haven’t been able to post regularly since past two weeks. Secondly, I lost my camera’s SD card, so the pictures taken in this post and a few upcoming posts might be taken from my iPhone 6. Therefore. they wont be quite the quality they used to be. So Sorry for that!