Makeup Revolution London | Ultra Blush Palette | Golden Sugar

Makeup Revolution London is the king of dupes. They come up with hundreds of new launches every month and 90% of those will be dupes of some high end makeup product. Case in point, the Ultra Blush Palettes, which are a dead ringer of the Hourglass Ambient Light Blush (£28). This palette costs £6 – which is less that 600 bucks in Indian Currency.

The packaging is sturdy enough. The plastic used isn’t high grade, but you are definitely  getting better than what you paid for.

It comes with 8 blushes, which are of excellent quality. In my opinion, this is an absolute bargain!
Although this is sold as a “Blush Palette” this particular palette – Golden Sugar comes with 2 Bronzers, 3 Highlighters and 3 Highlighting Blushes. I must add that the blushes are not too pigmented and are more cool toned and pale. Although, if you decide to use them as a subtle highlighting blushes, they are excellent.
The 3 Highlighters are just insanely amazing – except, one of them is a very pigmented icy/frosty white/pearl shade which might divide the crowd.

All in all, I love the palette. For me it is more of a highlighter and bronzer palette and less of a blush. Frankly speaking, only one of the 8 shades works as a blush for me and that is the plummy shade, the   one in top row second from right.

I will definitely like to try out the other palettes from Makeup Revolution London, especially that matte one  – All About Cream

Rating – 4/5