Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain | 020 Rio Rush | Review & Pics

Launched on October/November last year in India, this lip gloss/gel/stain is a dead ringer of the YSL Rogue Pur Couture Stains, or at least, it wants to be. I would say it is a dead on competition for the L’Oreal Shine Caresse lip balm/stain/gloss. So marked at INR 675, are they as good or better than its L’oreal counterpart?

Well, not really.

First off, I have to say that I am probably the last person (*read beauty blogger*) on earth to buy this gloss/gel/stain thing. Well, technically I did buy one, and lost it, never thought of buying it again.

So last week while browsing through Revlon Counter, I gave in, bought this really pretty, bright almost neon fuchsia colour – Rio Rush. Love the name.

Impressions – In my opinion, this is not a easy product to work with. It starts off patchy, and takes a bit of dabbing and rubbing with fingertips to apply. I will definitely not suggest it as one of those “throw in your bag and slap it on whenever you want” lip products.  It takes work.

It is a gel like texture, non-sticky and looks beautifully glossy once applied. The colour lasts for good few hours before it starts fading. Off course, it’ll fade quicker if you eat anything oily, or drink. It is transferrable.

As per the claim of being a “stain” ….mmmm …not really! Maybe the darker shades do stain your lips, but not this particular shade. I’d say Revlon Balm Stains do a better job at that.

I personally am not a fan, in my opinion it is an above average lip product, nothing amazing about it. I prefer the L’oreal Lip Caresse or Maybelline Lip Polish to it, as they are much easier to work with. Although I do love the finished look it gives.

Rating -3/5

  • rachna sharma

    i have barcelona nights from this range….does not stain like revlon balms or jordana balms!

  • Richa shekhar

    Hello pretty lady. You look fabulous.. That color is amazing.. Its going very well on your lips and i must say you have the prettiest lips. I am so jealous 🙂

    You look fabulous..

    Have a great day. Loads of love

    Richa Shekhar

  • IKR!!
    Ooh..I have never tried Jordana..are they really good? @rachna sharma

  • rachna sharma

    yes those lip balm sticks are really nice….very pigmented yet so cheap!

  • I have this is a deep red color and I agree with your impression of this product. Great Blog and Nice pics 🙂

  • rakhshanda

    Great review Shubha <3 I would skip this in favour of Maybelline lip polish even though I'm a big fan of Revlon!

  • even i love revlon..but this was a bit meh for me.. <3@rakhshanda

  • thanks darling! <3

  • I'll make sure to check them out bae!@rachna sharma

  • isabel marshal

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