Essence 2in1 Makeup & Powder | Wet & Dry | Review, Swatches & Pics

Essence, the German brand which is known for being Shockingly cheap and of amazingly good quality, finally came under my radar. Of course I had heard people rave about it’s lipsticks, foundation, mascaras, nail-paints etc. I have tried the lipsticks, but I found them too creamy to withstand temperatures above 25° C. So, the practical aspect of having them went out off the window.

I have been trying out this “2in1 compact” for about a week now, and I really like it.
The powder cost around 349 bucks, comes in a dinky, pale beige-y pink packaging. The quality of the packaging is surprisingly good considering the price.

Now let me be clear that this was a blind buy. I just saw the colour “Soft Beige”(my safe blind buy colour are usuallly “beige”)mentioned and clicked “add to cart”. Turns out, the color is way to pale for me. But the good thing was – the powder is yellow based and very finely milled. Therefore, I have been using it as a highlight powder only – and it works extremely well as that.

The coverage provided is medium at the most when used dry. You can build it up when using wet, but I wouldn’t suggest that. Also, coverage will vary according the tool you use to apply, sponge/puff will give the most, a light powder brush will give relatively less cover.

The only con that I can think of is that it really isn’t of a formulation to be used in “wet”for as a foundation. Using it like that only make it look chalky.

You can see in the swatches below. Left side is dry and right is when used with its sponge made wet.

I will definitely recommend this powder for anyone and everyone. No particular skin type required. Just, please make sure to match your colour, and don’t repeat the mistake I made.