Wet n Wild Coverall Liquid Concealer | Review

The Wet nWild Coverall Liquid Concealer wand is a very cheap product. At INR 350 at Luxola.com, it is almost unbelievably cheap. This was a major factor leading to my purchase of this product. All that went through my mind was that even if this is decently average, for the price, I don’t mind! How wrong was I?

Although the texture of this concealer is very very good, a perfect gel like liquid, which seems quite hydrating as well. But the bloody product has no coverage – AT ALL!! So there is no point applying it over blemishes.
Therefore, I decided to use it under my eyes. It didn’t work out there as well. Also, while you are applying it, it keeps on rubbing off – on your on your fingers, on your brush or on your sponge. It has zero staying power, and despite the gel like liquidy texture, it dries out and creases badly.

This is the worst product that I have ever used. Period.
A concealer that does not conceal. A texture, that although feels good, dries out badly. These two factors alone are enough to throw it in the category of products gone horribly wrong. 

Obviously I wouldn’t suggest anyone to try this product. Although it’s just for 350 bucks, I would rather have bought a Maybelline lipstick for that price.