Concealers | Which – When – Where

Concealers may sound like the easiest yet might turn to be the trickiest items in your makeup to deal with. Their job sounds simple — to “conceal” your spots/discolourations. But used in an improper way, they can sure befall havoc on your face. They come in so many textures and pigmentations that you have to be really careful while choosing

So here is a little nitty-gritty on using concealers as per my preference

Spots and Blemishes // Anything that is drier in texture. Anything that does not have any “light reflective” feature ( you don’t want to enhance your spots). Anything that is flat and matte. Anything that is preferably high in pigmentation/coverage.
I love the coverage provided by concealers like Revlon Colorstay Concealer and L’Oreal Trumatch Super Bleandable Concealer, both of them are quite matte and pigmented. But the crown goes to Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage, which is excellent for covering spots and blemishes. Texture and consistency of this concealer is very very hard and dry. You need a tiny amount of the stuff on your spots and blemishes. I have this in shade SC-3, it has a lighter yellow based shade and a neutral medium one as well. You need a small tip brush ( gel eyeliner brushes work absolutely fine with it), to put the concealer right  on top of where you need it. It provides almost an opaque coverage, and stays put all day!
Of course the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is expensive. So here is a dupe for you, the Derma Color concealer in a pot. It is almost exactly similar to texture and exactly same coverage. It is long-lasting and comes in plethora of colours.

Under and Around Eyes/ Highlighting //  for under-eye and around the eye area, preferable concealers should be the ones which have light reflecting properties. Although, concealers like LÓreal Trumatch are absolutely perfect for under under eyes as well.
I personally, prefer using concealers which are at least 2-3shades lighter than my skin tone. The Laura Mercier under eye corrector in shade 3.0 Peach is perfect to conceal the blueish-grayness under the eyes. Highlighting concealers like Maybelline Dream-Lumi Touch and NYX HD Concealers provide stunning coverage and brightness to the undereye and upper cheekbones.

Multitaskers// concealers like MAC Pro-Longwear, l’Oreal Trumatch and NARS Creamy concealer are excellent multitaskers. They can be used to either conceal a blemish or to brighten up your under-eyes. These concealers don’t necessarily have specific brightening properties but when used in a lighter shade can definitely provide brightness around the eyes. In case you want to use them on spots or blemishes, they work perfectly fine.

So, what are your favorite concealers?