Favourite Breakfast Smoothie | Quick ,Easy & Yummy |

A very quick and a very easy smoothie recipe to try. Oh! Did I mention it is extremely yummy? 😉
This one has two versions – one lighter and one more filling. I’ll be telling you both.

Version 1 – The Filling One

– 1 Dragonfruit cut in cubes
Frozen Strawberries (same amount as the dragon fruit)
Vanilla Yogurt
dried blueberries (optional)

Pop in the top three ingredients in a mixer. Add dries blueberries to the result.

Version 2 – The Lighter One

 – Same amount of fruits as in the first one
 – Replace Vanilla yogurt with coconut water

I would suggest skipping dries blueberries –  they taste better with yogurt.

Both the version taste excellent, not to mention, the incredible amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C these two fruits provide. Perfect for morning zing up!

Calorie Meter = less that 250