Inexpensive Skindulgence | StudioWest Radiance by Westside | Almond & Peach Range

Let me start by stating the first and foremost thing we look for in a Shower Gel/Body Butter….THE SMELL….it is ammhazzing! Ah! the lovely gourmand/fruity mix of Almond and Peaches, it is simply divine.
Westside launched its bath and body range in, I think October or November this year. It comes in multiple ranges like – Almond and Peach, Honey an Strawberry, Aloevera and mint…etc.
Now the best part, the shower gel costs INR 299 and the body butter is for INR399…say whaaaaa??
They also have scrubs, which I did not buy. But I am sure they cost less than INR400.

The body butter is super moisturising and the shower gel is, well, doing a darn good job being a shower gel.The texture of body butter is slight bit thinner than the Body Shop Body Butters. Still, I would say that for the price they are an excellent quality. The smell is so good and so strong that it lingers on my skin for hours!
So with all these positives, you would think they must have saved money on the packaging then 😛 …well, nope! The packaging is as good or sturdy as it should be.

I would suggest you to go and check out this range at your nearest Westside. 

PS – Not a paid review.