The Body Shop Wild Argan Solid Oil for Lips | Say Yay to Happy Winter Lips Baby!

Lip Balms. Do I even need to start buy saying that these are probably/arguably the most used items from our skincare/beauty stash. We all love them. We all own plenty enough of them to last our next seven generations. Despite the fact, that we have way to many of them to even keep a count, we are never ever even slight bit confused when we have to pick our favourite. 
For me, it is Nuxe Reve De Miel . Then come Keihl’s, Koress, L’O’ccitane, Baby Lips and the rest of platoon.

The Body Shop’s Wild Argan Solid Oil for Lips is something new for me. I have never used a “oil” on my lips before, nor do I know of other such product. So buying it was pure curiosity. Gladly, using it came to be pure joy!
I am pretty sure I am in love with this solid oil lip thing. It isn’t too glossy, therefore perfect as a “moisturising lip primer” under those unforgiving MAC Retro Mattes. It is very hydrating on lips, and because of it thick/solid oil texture, it stays put for hours.

It has no petrolatum (like Vaseline, Keihl’s etc) so it gives no glossy shine. So it is perfect if you are looking for a matt-ish lip balm.

The only thing I dislike about this product is the strong fragrance. It kind of gets into my mouth, and then I feel like I drank some essential oil.
Another downside is the price, it is being sold at INR 695, which sounds too steep for a lip balm as well as even for The Body Shop. But if you see, you get 18g of product in a solid oil form. This will last for ages, until you get bored! So I really didn’t mind the price. Also the product itself is amazing. 
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So have you tried this little bugger yet?? is my birthday tomorrow!!!! Excited!!!