Vanity Table/Dresser Top Organisation | Before & After

You know what happens within a week or two of cleaning up your dresser. It gets messy again. Well, at least in my case.
So when the day of clean-up arrived, I thought of taking a few clicks and share with you the before and after.

Well the very “filtered” before images have reduced the impact of the messiness. I just couldn’t bare to let you guys go through the atrocity of it.


  • messy table top
  • no clue what a lamp was doing there
  • are those my headphones??
  • the usual scattered stuff
  • major cleaning up required in the InterDesign Box as well

Started off with emptying out everything ….

Organizing and Stacking 
  • brought in a cute birdcage metal shelf to stack up my most used perfumes
  • emptied out, cleaned and rearranged the InterDesign Box Organizer (top – foundations, middle – BB/CC creams, Primers & Hilighters, bottom – Concealers, Brow Products and most used Mascaras)
  • brought in a saucer (teacup had broken) used it to keep watch, hairgrips, rings and other trinkets.

Rest was fun and easy reorganizing 🙂

I am pretty ecstatic with the end result. My favourite item is the birdcage metal shelf for my perfumes. Being a perfume fanatic, it is nice when I see them in a well deserved display home. 

Product Information

  • White wooden frame hanging mirror – Local market -Hyderabad 
  • Dresser –
  • Bird Cage Shelf – Shopper’s Stop
  • InterDesign Organizer Box Acrylic –
  • Round Two-Way Lighted Mirror –
  • Bird Jewellery Stand –