L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude | Liquid Powder | Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup | My Skin But Better???

Lighter than water??? Not really but this foundation is of  really really thin consistency. What is even more impressive is the punch of pigments it packs despite its sheer thin viscosity. Add to it another perk that it also has an SPF of 18, making it a great dailywear/daytime wear.  
It comes in a very compact, sturdy and very much portable glass bottle. I like the packaging, although addition of a pipette would have been even better ( a la Georgio Armani Maestro).
Now the coverage quotient is relative. I know people who have called its coverage sheer/light/poor. 
I have pretty blemished skin, but I found the coverage quite good. I’d call it an almost medium coverage. In the above reference picture I am wearing this foundation with loads and loads of MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer
The application is smooth, even and buildable without ever being cakey. It gives a “my skin but better” appearance to the face. I did find it easy to buildup, especially with a primer underneath. The more you build up the more coverage you get, but offcourse. 
Now, about the comparisons  with the Armani Maestro foundation, I see where it is coming from. Similar texture and consistency, same “volatile oil” based formula and the reason that L’Oreal creates Armani’s Cosmetic/skincare line. Well the answer is yes and no. It does have the same consistency/texture and company or origin, but the quality of the Armani Maestro is far superior. It has the most skin like finish I have seen in a foundation till date. Whereas L’Oreal Magic Nude is more versatile, i.e  you don’t need to have the almost perfect skin condition and preferably oily/combination skin type like you do in the case of the Armani Maestro. This one adjusts with almost any skin type and works pretty well. Not to mention the most excellent perk of this L’Oreal “skin tint” is the price – INR 899 as compared to Armani Maestro’s £38 (approx – INR 3800)
I’d say, this foundation is worth a try. Although I would not suggest it to the ones with sensitive for the huge amount of alcohol it has.

Yay Factor:

  • Blends Well
  • Easy To Apply
  • Goes On Smoothly
  • Lightweight
  • Lasts upto 6hrs easy
  • Velvet Matte Finish
  • Good Pigmentation
  • applies really quickly
Nay Factor:
  • Alcohol content
  • Might, JUST MIGHT cling to dry patches (didn’t happen to me though, I do have them dry patches)
  • high content of Dimethicone – for those who are allergic
  • bottle design is not at all ergonomic-al, over dispensing of product possible
PS –  I found the best way to apply this foundation, in my opinion… fingertips!!

So have you tried out this foundation?? Did you like it???