Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night – Retinol |The Acne Solution

A very close (and much older)  friend of mine has become obsessed with this “OMG it makes my face look so much plumper”  cream. Although, I must say my fixation with this product is not for its anti-ageing properties. The main reason I bought this cream (about 2 months back), is for the hero ingredient in it – Retinol.
I had been using the ROC Retiol Correxion Night Cream. Love that one. Sadly, it is super hard to find online (Yep, Only available online, if you are lucky!) ROC Retiol Correxion Night Cream had dramatically improved my acne prone skin’s condition. I had negligible breakouts, skin was brighter and yes, “plumper”.  So I was on the lookout for a retinol based product available in India. In comes this Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night/Day -30 SPF, saving my life (skin)!!
The cream is a thick and off-white coloured. It comes in two variations – Day & Night. The Day cream has an SPF of 30 (yay!). Although I prefer the night version, as Retinol is a photo-sensitive compound and hence exposure to light, esp. sunlight is not advised. I have tried the day version, though I wore it only if I wasn’t going out.
Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night provides a mild exfoliation to skin overnight. The next day skin is brighter and much softer. The results were instantaneous, I was able to detect the difference on the third day itself.

Winding-down to the summary of the product –
  • Easily available at any drug store/departmental store/online
  • Price at INR 999 ( a bit too expensive considering it is a drug store buy)
  • I’m not too keen on the day version as Retinol is photosensitive ingredient, so a day version does not make sense to me
  • The night version right now is unquestionably one of the best night creams( it makes my top 3!) available in India.
  • Exfoliates the skin gradually. Skin is brighter and more supple the next day.

So have you tried any Retinol product lately?
PS – Welcome to my new blog 🙂