Macadamia Natural Oil | No Tangle Pre-Styler

“Protect your hair from the rigours of heat styling while reducing breakage. Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Pre Styler effortlessly eliminates tangles and protects from combing, the heat from thermal hair appliances and environmental damage. Perfect for adding or creating a smooth, sleek look. 250mL “

“How To Use: Spray liberally on towel-dried hair for protection during heat styling. If you choose, apply your favourite Macadamia Natural Oil styling product over the top. Blow-dry, straighten or curl hair using your desired thermal hair appliance. “


  • Amazingly lightweight
  • Heat/thermal protection from hair appliances
  • Applied to wet or freshly shampooed hair
  • Provides UV protection
  • Infuses moisture, nourishment and shine
  • Smoothes and detangles without breakage

Available at for INR1400

This pre-styler is basically a leave-in conditioner, that you can simply spray over your damp hair before you style them. It comes in a pretty green plastic bottle with a convenient  spray top.
How I like to use it is on my shampooed damp hair. Spray it all over, especially the ends and that is it. It definitely de-tangles the hair and makes brushing them so much easier. Off course you can also use it whenever you want, like I do, even on my dry hair when they need a little bit of moisture kick.

The Good
  • Moisturises and eliminates tangles
  • Lightweight
  • Does not make hair clumpy/oily
  • Gives UV protection to hair (which we tend to ignore, hair need it too!)
  • Adds slight volume
  • makes hair look sleek and smooth
  • makes styling easier
  • Contains Agran & Macadamia Oil, great treat for hair!

The Bad

  • In India, low availability, although available at
  • a wee bit expensive, I would have preferred if it were under INR1000 😛

So, have you tried the Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Pre Styler, or any other product from this range?