Deborah Milano Dermolab Express Cleansing Water

“Active microscopic cleansing bubbles capture make-up and impurities and remove them quickly and effectively. The Hyaluronic Acid Nano-Vector based formula includes a blend of Hyaluronic Acids with a powerful multi-level moisturising action. Paraben and alcohol free. Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested.”

Price – INR 700

The Deborah Milano DermoLab Cleansing Water should be renamed to “Deborah Milano’s Salted Water which they made in a Lab – Could’ve done that in a Kitchen”. But of course they went with a fancier title so I can buy this salty water with tons of inactive ingredients for INR 700.
It was technically a blind buy. The Deborah Milano counter did not have any testers, and with any I mean none..not even for lip colours/foundations/concealer…wth!

The cleansing power of this micellar water is no better than plain water. Okay..maybe a little better…but it is pretty blah.
It is good enough to remove stuff like tinted moisturiser and light BB creams, and that is it. It will not even scratch the surface of anything long-stay or waterproof.

It does have Hyaluronic Acid as one of its ingredients, which is very good for helping in retaining moisture. But I couldn’t really figure how effective it is here. So no brownie points for that.

I would really suggest giving it a pass. This is a very poor product. You can get the excellent Bioderma or Vichy Purete Thermale buy paying INR 860..which is just 160 bucks extra!

Do not waste your money….

Rating – 1/5

PS- Although, I must mention, I really like its spraying mechanism. Very handy. I wish Bioderma had it. 

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