L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme | 3.16 – Burgundy | Before & After

Basically, Holi destroyed the hair colour I had on. From a light golden brown shade, my hair went to a weird orange-red colour with pink streaks in between. I knew I needed a darker colour this time to cut through the horribleness cause buy them holi colours. Therefore, I zeroed in on this one. The last time I had my hair in a tone of red was at least 4 years ago. I actually wanted chocolate brown, but couldn’t find the colour of my choice.
So here is a before picture for you guys. See the sunset orange hair…and the dark roots…eww!
PS- I swear, this is not an edited pic, my hair WERE looking weirdly orange, also the photograph made it look even worse!

I got myself the L’Oreal Excellence Creme in Burgundy. The hair colour kit comes with a pre application serum, to protect the weaker sections(namely the ends) of your hair. Also the colour came with an attachable comb applicator,making the application real easy.
Price – INR 525

In hurry, I forgot clicking a pic of the complete set 😛

The comb-applicator is to be attached to the colourant bottle. That made application so much easier for me. Also, less mess!

Under artificial lights and backlighting the colour in the photograph seems like this….I wish it did so in real life!

With flash and in sunlight, my hair color looks jet black with red tones of henna…don’t like it…nope 🙁
The dark hair colour make me look sallow/pale, basically a member of the Cullen family from Twilight. 

Infact, the effect is so bad that once (when I had dark hair) my brother compared me to Michael Jackson…!!!!!

I will be definitely be changing this hair colour soon. Hope it starts fading quickly (which I do not think will happen, L’Oreal colours are pretty good at their staying power)

The product itself is excellent. I have never been disappointed by L’Oreal Excellence Creme Colour. It is a fantastic product and perfect for beginners.

Why I would recommend this hair colour : 

  • did not dry out my hair
  • the serum is actually fantastic in reducing damage
  • made my hair shiny
  • left my hair in better condition
  • did not cause any skin reaction
  • no itchiness or burning sensation
  • set comes with a comb applicator, makes application easy

Although, this time, I am not very happy with the colour. But, obviously, the fault is mine, I chose the colour.
I have already decided my next hair colour…Dark Golden Blonde…have to start searching for the colour now, hard to find a light DIY hair colour in Hyderabad…

Maybe I can do a Katy Perry look with this hair….hmmmm..lets see…  😉