Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Hair Therapy DIY Hair Mask | Pictorial

Today I was having a major bad hair day. Total crisis. Nothing worked. It was just yesterday that I had washed my hair. So I knew that simply shampooing them again won’t be enough. So I said to myself, why not try a DIY hair mask…!! Went online, typed “DIY hair mask+damaged+dry hair” and wallah!!

Of Course I had to share my experience with you guys in this quick pictorial…so here it is!!

 Disclaimer – These products are my own, and were not sent. I will mention (link them) from whichever website(s) I bought them from.

Also, I have really bad hair, so many of you might not be impressed by the results I got. But you have to trust me guys, that result, for me, is great 😛 

You can get the above mentioned items from


Oh!..saw Captain America : The Winter Soldier the day before. Super awesome movie..must watch! Chris Evans is so dreamy…hmmmm.. bow chicka wow wow 😛

…started watching a new show The Following  pretty gloomy…but interesting…I am not sure about this one yet..anyhoos, catch you guys in the next post!!