L’Oreal Fresh Dust Tecni Art | Dry Shampoo | Review

Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo, for Cleansing, Shine and NO Residue. Micro Oil absorbing powders refresh hair, boots texture with flexible hold.

  • Revives and refreshes all hair types
  • Extends the life of your salon blowout
  • Micro fine powder absorbs excess oils to release weight
  • Neutral shade for all hair colours

“Best for fine, lifeless / oily prone hair.Shiny, refreshed style with additional textured feel.”

Directions for use: Spray L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Fresh Dust onto roots for refresh properties or through lengths and ends for texturization.

Price- INR 950 for 150 ml

Bought online at Nykaa.com

It has been two/three months since the release of  L’Oreal Fresh Dust Tecni Art Dry Shampoo. This, as ridiculous as it sounds, is the first dry shampoo to be officially launched in India. We do get Tony & Guy, Label M, Schwarzkopf and Lush, but only at imported prices (i.e 2-3 times the actual cost) and only if it is your lucky day.

L’Oreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo comes in a white spray can which is too tall for its size(150ml). The packaging, if that matters, is sleek, tall and pretty. Although, it is not ideal for carrying around  in your bag. 
Fresh Dust dry shampoo has a citrusy smell to it which is very refreshing. The smell plays a big part for me as I want my roots and scalp to feel refreshed as well as smell fresh. I once owned Batiste’s chocolate fragranced dry shampoo, which I did not like at all, purely because of the smell. 

Now to the actual part, absorbing oil and refreshing hair/scalp. The product fails to hit a home run here. It does absorb the oil but the effect is not optimum. The product promises of leaving no white residue, which is a lie, as I do spend good 2-3 minutes trying to rub the white powder away on my head. Also the refreshed look remains for only a few hours before oil starts to set in again. My Label M dry shampoo leaves my hair refreshed for longer ( 1-2 days), and I have oily scalp. I have to mention that this might be a good thing for normal/dry hair types. 

The product also states to provide slight texture and volume to hair, which is truebut any dry shampoo will do that even if it does not promise that. When your hair is oily, they loose texture and volume, so obviously, by washing them or applying dry shampoo or even baby powder will provide texture and volume to them.

The Good :

  • feels light on hair compared to other dry shampoos
  • refreshing smell
  • only dry shampoo available in India at the actual quoted price ( rest all imported ones are sold at double/triple the actual price)

The Bad :

  • the drying/refreshing effect does not last long
  • the “texture & volume” it promises to give disappear in few hours
  • availability is limited

The Ugly :

  • the price, I find this product ridiculously expensive for its mere 150ml quantity and average results.

Bought online at Nykaa.com

Rating – 7/10 (for being the first official dry shampoo in India)