Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Eau Gourmande | Eau Frachie

“Inspired by the Laura Mercier Body and Bath Gourmande Collection, this scent captures the essence of fresh Celeste Figs blended with a dewy fruit bouquet of Apricot Nectar and sensuous Ylang Ylang for a luxurious unique experience.”


  • Indulgent burst of juicy citrus notes blended with Sweet Mission Figs and dewy fruit bouquets provide a sweet femininity
  • Creamy notes of Apricot Nectar and Ylang-Ylang give the scent a smooth sensuality
  • Lingering notes are a delicious combination of warm, rich Vanilla, exotic Sandalwood and Fig Musk that create a decadent gourmand fragrance
  • available in 1.7 fl.oz./50ml

Price – $55.00 in US and £42.50 in UK (SpaceNK and House of Fraser)
Bought from Nordstrom for INR 3334

This amazing amazing fragrance was a complete blind buy. I was lured into buying this after I saw a very popular YouTube vlogger rave and rave about this EDT. According to her, this fragrance made her feel “edible”. Although, I must say that she was not exactly talking about this one in particular. The one she was using was Laura Mercier’s  ‘Crème de Pistache Eau Gourmande’, but I got tempted towards this one. 

This is a very fruity, very creamy and not cloyingly sweet fragrance. A perfect spring time wear. It is subtle,  very fresh, warm and rich yet not at all heavy. 
The perfume is very versatile. By itself it is fabulous enough, but you can also layer it with other scents to create a beautiful concoction.  I personally love pairing it up with my heavier perfumes (Black Orchid, Coco Noir, Midnight Poison and Lola) to give them a lighter, fruitier, more sweeter kick.
This perfume is luxuriously self-indulgent. I can’t stay without continuously sniffing my wrist. Only sad part is, it does not last more that 3-4 hours on my skin. Although, on clothes, it lasts for ages. 

Here are the notes of this decadent fragrance

Top Notes
Citrus notes, Mission fig, Fruity notes

Middle Notes
Apricot, Ylang ylang

Base Notes
Vanilla, Sandalwood, Fig, Musk

I would highly recommend trying this fragrance. They can very well be considered a distant cousin of the very unjustly expensive Jo Malone colognes (yes they are colognes and not perfumes… not even EDT’s). I have a Jo Malone (Dark Amber and GingerLily) a beautiful fragrance which sadly lasts for 5 minutes. This one lasts longer, is slightly cheaper (Jo Malones cost about INR 1000 (£10 more)). Only hiccup, they have fewer options and JM’s are really tempting 😛 


Have you tried the Laura Mercier fragrances?? What is your favourite perfume??