Schwarzkopf Professional | Bonacure Hair Therapy | Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment

“Finish your style with a touch a luxury. The Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment is the ultimate finishing treatment for normal to thick hair, helping you to achieve locks that shine with health and vitality.

The formulation is everything that you want from a nourishing hair oil, infusing intense shine, touchable softness, and anti-frizz control without overburdening the hair or weighing it down. The versatile Oil Miracle also helps to speed up your blow-drying time and offers light style control without that oily feel.

This is thanks to the unique Schwarzkopf Evaporating Technology, a mixture of a carrier oil and a precious botanical oil. The carrier oil spreads extremely finely to ensure that the botanical oil is dispersed properly, and then evaporates completely when drying to leave an ultra-light layer of precious oil on the hair. Hair is weightlessly smoothed, has zero-gravity swishability, and looks ultra-glossy.”

PRICE – INR 1250 ( light formula costs 1150)

Schwarzkopf  Bonacure Oil Miracle treatment comes in two strengths – thicker formula and the lighter one. The thicker/more concentrated version come in a dark brown box with gold letter printing, the lighter version comes in a beige one. This review is of the former.
The product comes in a attractive teardrop packaging. The product itself is a beautiful amber coloured oil with almost a thick gel like consistency. All you need is a pea-sized amount to apply on your towel dried hair. Oil Miracle contains the very popular Argan Oil, known as a great product to calm frizzy hair ends. It adds moisture and opulent shine to hair, making hair look healthy.
The stuff smells like an intense version of baby powder with something nutty/musky, which I bet is Argan…well..I think 😛

Although I prefer leave-in conditioners as opposed to serums, as they weigh my hair down, I have been enjoying using this oil. It seems it will probably end up making you hair look oily and sticky, it does not!
It simply gets soaked in, moisturises the hair and keeps them light. It almost vanishes the appearance of split ends and makes smooth my prickly (yea…that dry!) hair ends. It may be very well be used as a protective pre-blow drying product.

Of course I will advise to use it only on hair-ends. Also, one has to be careful  and not use too much as you will end up with clumped hair…a little goes a long way!

The product is salon-exclusive, but of course is available online. It is expensive or should I say “Kerastase expensive” but it does deliver. This one might be a bit too thick for me. I am planning to get the lighter version, that is if I plan not to go for L’Oreal Mythic Oil which is much cheaper and is also getting rave reviews everywhere.

Summing it Up….

The Good

  • does not weigh hair down
  • makes ends softer and manageable
  • reduces the appearance of split ends
  • contains Argan Oil
  • can be used before blow drying to minimise heat damage
  • made my hair look healthier
  • smells like baby powder ( a pro if you like fragrant hair products)

The Bad

  • salon exclusive so limited availability, so you can’t actually try a sample if you order online.. 
  • expensive
I probably will not be buying this one again. Do not get me wrong, I like this product a lot. I would just prefer a lighter serum. So as I said, I will either buy the lighter version or try the Mythic Oil.
Have you tried this product?? What is your favourite hair treatment serum??