…January Favourites

I am still in the daze of 2013 ending and WTH…January is already over!!! I do not like this guys.
Anyhoos, it’s time to start the whole series of monthly favourites all over again…this time off course for 2014.
There are a few newcomers, especially in skincare department. These have attributed to a radical change in my skincare regimen. A retinol based night cream, glycolic treatment pads, a toner that actually works and a serum that has made me ever too excited about discovering more products from that brand.

Makeup-wise, there was not much I bought/discovered. No lip-colour favourite for this month, as there was not a single colour that I wore way too much.

So here are the favourite products for the first month of 2014….

  • Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream – This one is a repurchase. I got hooked on this product last year around May I think. That jar/tub lasted me for more than 6 months. This is an awesome product. A great cleanser, removes every bit of makeup gently and keeps my face hydrated and “extra comfortable”. A must try. 
  • Origins Brighter by Nature – This tub comes with 40 pads soaked in 30% concentration of Glycolic Acid. All you have to do is take a pad and rub it all over you face leaving eye contours. This stuff works! It peels away my dead skin, makes my  face look brighter morning after. The effect is NOT subtle, it’s THERE the next day when you see your face in the mirror. Off course, due to high level of acid concentration, to be used only twice a week. 
  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturiser – Nothing special, it is just a great hydrating moisturiser for my skin. Although it says 48hr moisturisation, but come on, lets be real…are we not going to wash our faces even once in 48 hours!?? But the product itself is really a very good moisturiser. I like it. 🙂
  • Gatineau Daffodil Comforting Cleanser – Now this is on toner that works, atleast on me!…This toner is specifically for dry-extremely dry skin type. The toner works to stimulate the sebaceous glands to make skin feel naturally hydrated and energised. Not recommended for oily skin types.
  • Thalgo Collagen Concentrate Serum – An amazing serum with pure collagen concentrate, marine based. It is still under scanner but I had to add this to my faves as I am loving using it!
  • ROC Retinol Correxion Night Cream – A retinol cream for the beginners. People with sensitive skin (hello!) can use it if they want to get on with retinol. Retinol is basically a high concentration of Vitamin A which in this form is a wrinkle slayer..  😛 loving the cream till now…It definitely has speeded up the process of my skin renewal. All good till now..

  • Simple Cleansing Wipes – They take off my waterproof mascara!!!! Love them. 
  • The Body Shop Vanilla Shimmer Lotion – Moisturising. Has shimmer in it…pretty!!Smells divine!
  • The Body Shop Mineral Mask – With Kaolin Clay. This self warming mask is perfect for when I am having any breakout. It makes my skin squeaky clean and zaps the breakouts.

  • Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfecter/Corrector in Orange – Cancels out dark circles. Stays put for hours and brightens up the eye. Goes well under any concealer.
  •  Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation – Long lasting. Feels like skin. Very Light. Good coverage. Ticks every box to pass the test of a good foundation..
Favourite fragrances for JanuaryTom Ford’s Black Orchid (my birthday gift!), amazing, seductive fragrance…I smell chocolates, leather, dark vanilla, amber and I think jasmine……a warm mystical scent…expensive..but worth it! Lasts all day.
The second perfume that I wore last month (and still am…) is Ted Lapidus’ Pour Elle. Now, I know you might not have heard of this perfume, it is not a popular one, but man..it deserves a sniff. It is a creamy vanilla white floral perfume. It lasts for ages…and is dirt cheap!! I loved wearing it. A strong scent, two sprays are more than enough..!!
Valentine’s week is just around the corner…are you guys excited???…woot woot!!