Jabong.com | Website Review/Rave

So, I spent the whole December doing a ridiculous amount of online shopping.Well it is my birth month and then there was Christmas ans now New Year!!..I had to buy gifts na?? Of course more than half of the “gifts” I shopped were for myself.. 😛

So I decided to write down this review for Jabong.com, as I ended up doing most of my Birthday+Christmas+NewYear shopping there…reason….this website is hands down…THE BEST!
The Website
Jabong is a comprehensive website, where you can find almost everything …from Clothes, Shoes and Accessories, to Furniture, Home Decor to Jewellery (both precious/semi precious & junk/fashion) to Beauty Products and Perfumes. It covers all brand types i.e Premium to Luxury. The best part is, they are still expanding and incorporating new brands everyday!

My Experience 

One word : AWESOME. The shopping experience has been made easy by the very user friendly interface. The site also provides optimum filter options to make easy the search for you favourite colour, shape, size, style and even price range.
I recently purchased 2 sarees ( for formal functions at my hubby’s base). A bunch of casual and formal dresses, a pair of shoes and few skincare products. As this is not a haul post, I won’t be showing all of what i bought, but just my latest purchase from this website which is NYX’s HD Concealer ( now Out of Stock) )  and a Statement Neckpiece from Karat 22 (HERE).

The packing provided is incredibly secure. The stuff was bubble wrapped individually, then wrapped in another bubble sheet. It was placed in a cardboard box which was duly scotch taped to avoid any entry of moisture. On top of that, it was packed in a waterproof plastic bag! I mean the packing itself shows the care and effort put in.
I really wish other websites learn some etiquette and start taking interest in securely packing the product. One very popular website in particular, which I will not name here, never manages to send their items in a decent box. Somehow they always arrive half open or torn 🙁

The website provides an “Easy Returns Form”   in case you don’t like what you got or got the wrong item. They provide reverse pick-up free of cost.

What I Got…
I got super excited like a little kid when I saw NYX’s HD Concealer on the site. I know it is available on other websites as well, but I can bet, it will not be this cheap. I also ended up buying this beautiful neckpiece from Karat 22. A rhinestone and coloured stone (non precious) statement piece and I love it to bits!

I bought the stuff at FLAT 34% discount under Christmas coupon. The total amount was around 1200 but I ended up paying less than INR 800..!!…yay!

Did I mention that the products reaches me within 2 days of ordering, despite the fact that I am located in an Air Force Base which is in the outskirts of the main city! Infact, they provide SAME DAY delivery in Delhi!!…Whaaaa!!

Do not forget to checkout the ongoing FLAT 31% New Year’s discounts on a million different products!! The coupon code is BLISS31. Also, Valantine’s Day gifts are there already!..woohoo!
It is crazy, the amount of products offered and the money you can save…!!!

have a blast shopping!!
PS – This is NOT a paid review. 🙂