Marc Jacobs Lola | Fall Winter Fragrances – I

“Lola is the intoxicating scent from the house of Marc Jacobs; the essence of a modern free spirit. Created by Calice Becker (Dior J’adore), Yann Vasnier (Tom Ford Santal Blush) with consultations from Ann Gottlieb. Lola captures an irresistible sexy confidence with a playful attitude. She is completely and utterly irresistible…”

Top notes: pink peppercorn, pear, ruby red grapefruit.
Heart notes: rose, fuschia peony, geranium.
Base notes: vanilla, warm tonka bean, creamy musk.

CEW Award Winner 2010
The UK Beauty Awards Winner 2010

I bought it from for £47.00 i.e around INR 4700. Although its on sale now, with 20% off, for £37.60 (INR 3800)!
Yea, I know..I should have waited..

It is a beautiful purple glass bottle, with “Lola Marc Jacobs” written on it with gold. The bottle, like all recent Marc Jacobs fragrances is whimsical and very attractive. It almost looks like a magical potion bottle. This is something every girl would like on top of her dresser, irrespective of the actual perfume.
The cap is a big squishy plastic flower on top of a gold rope design cylindrical ring.  

“This warm floral bouquet conveys the free spirit of today’s sexy, modern girl – she is playful, cool, and flirtatious. The long-lasting, day-and-night scent opens with pink peppercorn, pear, and ruby red grapefruit. Blooming midnotes of rose, fuschia peony, and geranium make a feminine statement. Layers of vanilla, warm tonka bean, and creamy musk create a sensuous drydown.

The bottle’s exquisite, multi-layered cap is a bursting bouquet with bright modern colors that pop against a matte black background and rope-inspired, gold metallic neck. The silhouette is inspired by Marc’s fashion collection.”

It took me three attempts to actually like this perfume. I think its an acquired smell. Initially, I hated the strong smell of pink pepper, which fro me , opens as the top note. 
But after using/trying it  a few more times, I have come to appreciate it. Or maybe, it smells its best during fall/winter. It’s just too rosy/spicy/vanillic for summers.  So of course, I am loving it right now.

For me, it is definitely a night time fall/winter smell. But, hey! Use it as you like.
I relate rose, vanilla, spice and musk to winters, so for me that is how it works. It is strong and lasts much longer that my other Marc Jacobs ( Daisy).

This perfume kind of reminds me of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Music
which I loved. Although they have very different notes..

Right now, I am in love with this cutie. I lives on top of my dresser, along with its other designer friends…  🙂
The smell…hmmmm…I would call it a love hate relationship!..

Will I buy it again??…I think this is going to last me for quite some time as I have decided to use it only during autumn and winters. Plus I am pretty sure Mr. Jacobs will come up with something new and pretty soon…   😉

Till next post ladies!