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Sorry for the 4 day long gap between posts, was a tad bit busy. But back now, with my nighttime skincare steps!
First. the preface..

My SkinType

  • Highly reactive, changes from super eczema dry to an oil tanker in matter of days on weather changes.
  • Acne prone. I used to have cystic acne. I had them for a good part of my late teens and early twenties. They have left scars. 🙁
  • I had never used a proper sun protection until 3 years ago.
  • Never had a skincare routine. 
So because of all those above mentioned factors, my skincare changes with weather. This very routine is what I have been following for past month or so. Its humid and my skin is slightly oily right now.
I have been able to pretty much ward off my acne, and I have not had any concerning breakout for about past two months or so. Apart from topical skincare I have also been using my holy grail medicine ( homeopathic/no side-effects) that has helped me keep acne away. 
Before I jot down my steps, I have to tell you guys that this routine works great for me and my skin type. Different skins different needs, so to find out what works best for you,…you will have to do a bit of experimenting, and to do it safely, try using products from good companies and always check out the ingredient list. Figure out what suits your skin and what reacts badly with it. Start with milder creams/serums. Do allergy tests. Like applying it around underarms (the skin is as soft as facial skin there, and in case of any reaction, it won’t be visible.)
If you do watch YouTube vlogs on skincare, I would like to recommend Ruth Crilly of the channel A Model Recommends. She has the best insights on skincare products. She actually explains why the product is good or bad, instead of repeating ” Oh! I absolutely Love this!!” and not actually mentioning how the product is working.
My Routine in Simple Steps

  • I always wash my face with gel based soap/paraben/alcohol free cleansers – Vichy Normaderm Gel Cleanser. I do not believe that simply using a cleansing water on a cotton pad (Bioderma) will clean out my skin.
  • Then I use cleansing water. Bioderma and Vichy Purete Thermale are the best I have used. Right now, I am on the Vichy one. It is as good as the famous Bioderma. Just more easily available.
  • If my skin is feeling rather healthy, I simply use Vichy Normaderm Nuit anti imperfection cream on face & Olay Regenerist Serum under my eyes.
  • On dryer days I apply Olay Regenerist all over my face, let it get absorbed and then apply Vichy Normaderm on face, except for under the eyes.
  • About 3 times a week I have started using Glyco6, a Glycolic Acid based Cream. It only has 6% strength so it is safe for beginners like me. Glycolic acid is one of a group of acids known as alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA). It is found naturally in sugar cane and grapes and is commonly used in skin care treatments including acne treatment, exfoliation, and chemical peels. Chemical peels use around 20-25% strength. 
  • I use Just Herbs Youth Age Defying Cream ( sample I received in my Vellvetet Box)  for my decollete (neck and all 🙂  ), I know there are special creams for ot, but I am happy using it. Its smooth and makes neck region softer.
So there you go!… My Night-time routine  for you guys. What is your night time routine or favourite product that you use?? I would love to read them in comments below! It may help me decide my next cream!!
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