Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme : Review & Swatches

The first product I am reviewing out of my Vellvette Box is the Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Gloss.
I will be reviewing the skincare products after using them for atleast a week for proper review.

Lip Inflation ha…as if the gloss is going to pump up my lips with air haha…..(ok that was dumb..not funny at all)

So onto the product…

“Intense formula supersizes lips for hours!
The dramatic solution for full, smoochable lips. Micro-spheres with exclusive Hydro-Collagen Complex help boost fullness and shine to the extreme. Spicy gloss enhances lips’ natural color so they appear pinker, healthier and fuller.”


  • See extreme results without professional treatments
  • Guaranteed Visible Results – Dermatologist Tested

Price – box says INR 775/- but online its now for INR 825/-

The Product
This comes in a glass cuboid bottle of 6ml. The cap is a beautiful gold coloured. It somewhat reminds me of Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss. The packing is sturdy.
This gloss comes with a brush applicator -not my favourite, but is averagely all-right. The gloss itself is thick and a tad sticky. It has tiny gold dust shimmers in it that provide nice shine to lips. Good they have not gone overboard with shimmering up there gloss (Hello Revlon!).

The product smells like cinnamon and I love cinnamon! Scent is strong, but I don’t mind it. Though it fades away in a few minutes.

On application, it tingles so you think that it is plumping up your lips, but….hmmmm does it??
The answer is…I don’t think so. Firstly, all lipglosses give a slight plumped up effect to the lips whether they are meant to or not. Lips do lookk plumper, but I can achieve that effect with any thick gloss.

The color output is rather sheer. I like the gloss, but I would’t really care about the “lip-inflation” thing as I just don’t see it 😛

Being just a sheer gloss INR 825/- is bit steep for it. I got it free so I have it, else I wouldn’t buy it, ever!