BEST IF YOU WANT TO: Soften and protect hands, even after washing. Our best-selling Hemp Hand Protector is dermatologically tested for very dry skin and contains Community Trade hempseed oil.
BEST FOR: dry to extremely dry skin.

Community Trade hemp seed oil has an unusually high concentration of essential fatty acids that help to repair skin’s moisture barrier, so skin is smooth and supple.
Community Trade organic beeswax moisturises and conditions; acts as a barrier to seal in moisture.”

PRICE – INR 345/-

After reading many rave reviews of this product, I finally decided to give it a try. A friend of is a die-hard fan of this hand cream and kind of force me into getting it.

So onto the product. The cream comes in a aluminium tube packing. As soon as you open the cap,the stuff just pushes itself out. I like the vintage looking metal tube. Although I know it is not very convenient and the product gets left in and hence wasted etc etc…but I love it!!
The cream is very emollient, therefore it has a thick texture. Despite this, it is absorbed well by the skin. It successfully hydrates the skin deep within and is not like few of those hand creams which only lubricate the surface.
This one is perfect for dry to extremely dry hands like yours truly 🙂 My hands are so dry that the thought of touching a newspaper makes me squeamish . But TBS Hemp cream has definitely helped keep my hands more hydrated and soft.

 The one factor, which does not affect me, but may affect others is the smell. It has an earthy smell, like fuller’s earth or a clay face mask.I think it comes from the presence of Cannabis Sativa oil (MARIJUANA!!) yep!!
Haha!! don’t go on sniffing this cream to get high…won’t help. But what it will surely help, will be in soothing your dry hands 🙂

I always carry this around with me in my bag as I am used to of applying hand cream frequently throughout the day. But I have surely noticed that this one does not require multiple applications, as it soothes and hydrates for longer period, and does not wear off (unless I wash my hands or use hand sanitizer).


  • Super hydrating.
  • Soothes and repairs skin
  • Little goes a long way
  • Community trade hemp oil & bees wax used
  • No need to reapply frequently.
  • Decently priced for a Body Shop product (Hell!..I think it’s pretty cheap for TBS)
  • Smell (very clay mask-esq) though I do not mind.
  • Packaging, vintage-y but not ergonomical., may also cause product wastage.

I will surely buy this one again and again. As I do not mind the only two minuses of this product- packaging and smell.

xx 🙂